In every end there is a new beginning.

There are many aspects of ourselves that we are aware of and which we try to fit into our daily lives. Our dreams, our disappointments, our achievements and our failures all receive our thoughts, time and energy.

"Man has a soul and there is a treasure buried in the field."

C.G. Jung

But whether we are aware of it or not, in the deeper levels of our psyche, buried in our unconscious lie the bits and pieces of ourselves that are unknown to our conscious mind.

These are the aspects of ourselves which can shape and direct our destiny. Uncovering and integrating these bits and pieces can help you discover the deep gold of your true nature.

I have been consciously in the field of psychotherapy for thirty years, and unconsciously, I am sure, for forty years before that. I am pleased to be a companion to anyone else who would like to journey on the Road to inner discovery.

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