Black Madonna "In every woman there is a Queen. Speak to the Queen And the Queen will answer."

Norweigan Proverb

We are dangerously exposed in this age to possession by the intellect, by technology and by the forces of competition. The place beyond the rational mind carries qualities that are desperately needed to balance out the skewed thrust of life as we are living it today. Carl Jung has said that the only way to save western man is by the restoration of feminine values, the qualities of stillness, yielding, ambiguity, intuition, cyclic regeneration, the hidden and emotions. These are some of the qualities that have been devalued, watered down and lost in men, in women, in the individual, and in the collective psyche.

In an effort to recover some of the feminine qualities that have been forgotten during the relentless pursuit of quantity over quality, of head over heart, of mind over matter, I have turned to the wisdom of the past. The images and legends of the Black Madonna in Europe and Mexico are stirring the collective memory of many and enlivening the longing for something that has been lost. I have traveled to France, Italy, Bali, England, Hawaii, Mexico, Turkey and Africa to strengthen my own connection with the richness of my abandoned heritage. And I continue.

Earth"He who knows the male, yet cleaves to what is female Becomes like a ravine, receiving all things under heaven And being such a ravine he knows all the time a power that he never calls on in vain."

Tao Te Ching

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